Welcome to Northeast Horizons 2014

If you have previously visited northeasthorizons.com, you may have noticed it looks slightly different. As of March 2014, we are making some changes and updates to the website. Right now we have, for the most part,  just moved all the content over to a new design. While we are extremely busy, and just heading into a very heavy wedding season, we will be continuing to add new content, functionality, and overall improvements over the course of the year. 

One of the earliest improvements is this very blog page you are reading right now. Besides adding new trailers and videos, we will post information about weddings we are working on, as well as bonus videos, photos, and other exciting information. In the meantime, look around, watch some teaser trailers, and enjoy yourself.

You can find the trailers, by clicking here: TRAILERS

If you need information about our packages, visit here: PACKAGES

If you want to contact us, here we are: CONTACT US

Thanks for visiting, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call !