Wedding Workshop Tutorials, coming soon...(soonish)

The more the industry of wedding cinematography grows, the better off we are as a company. Being a small boutique type film studio, we are very limited in the amount of events we do a year...20-25 at most. 1000's of weddings happen all over the tri-state area each year, so we certainly want to help grow the industry as a whole. Because of this reason, we are looking to give away a bunch of our behind-the-scenes secrets, and show some tutorials on techniques we use to make our films as beautiful as they can be. Later on this year, we will be making our new series of "Wedding Workshop" videos available for free, highlighting and explaining some real world situations we run into while creating our films, and how we "Fix", or enhance things. 

We will be showing camera tricks, VFX shots, color correction/grading, audio mixing, as well as many other skills needed to be a professional cinematographer in the wedding industry. The above teaser video shows a common problem in wedding videography, and how we fixed it. On a rainy, wet day in November 2014, the bride was concerned her dress was going to get muddy while walking, and rightly so. As often happens, the Maid of Honor is enlisted to help the bride carry the back of the dress, in order to keep it as pristine as possible, at least until ceremony time. Because this is a live event, and not a Hollywood film shoot, we were in no way going to ask the bride to let her dress drag through the mud for the sake of a good shot in the movie. So we quickly improvise, and choose to shoot the first look sequence in a way that we plan on erasing the extra people from the shot, and make it more "intimate". The final result turns out beautiful, and makes sure the couple is the focus of attention, and no one else. You can also see the result of the color grading we do to make the images "pop" off the screen.

Wedding Workshop will make its debut in late 2015, as we work our way through the current wedding season, and gain new material for interesting topics and discussions. Looking forward to putting ourselves out there, and educating other cinematographers on the way we work.