How 'bout some stunning imagery ?


Click the video above, and sit back for about 10 minutes of beautiful imagery from our recent wedding films

We are a small, boutique video company, started it back in 1996, and haven't looked back.  Although you probably can't tell by watching our online samples, we are also very much a "in the background, fly on the wall" type of company. We do everything we can to make sure the photographers get all they need, and we stay out of the way. Its taken us years to perfect that style, but we are quite proud of how we work. We specialize in wedding films, which means we really focus on making you an amazing "movie-like" production that you'll actually want to watch for years after your wedding day. We use real cinema tools in our filming and real story-telling techniques in our editing to make your film unique to your wedding. In addition to your wedding film, we still do also give you a more traditional "documentary" version, which has the key parts of your day (Ceremony, first dance, etc.) in their entirety. That way you get the best of both worlds, the newer "film" style edit, as well as a more standard wedding "Video".