Summer in the City

The morning started off a bit overcast, and at times, very rainy. A little while later, the skies cleared up, and we took to the streets of lower Manhattan for an absolutely stunning day, ultimately finishing up with a crazy party for the ages.


As with many of our upgrades over the the last few seasons, we have re-launched our Instagram page from scratch, to reflect our most current work. We also added a teaser trailer to the Silver and Gold packages, which is specifically Instagram friendly, in that it is under 1 minute. 

Instagram Account:

In addition to the Instagram trailer, there is still the ever popular full trailer

Red Maple Vineyard, and a day of perfection

What a wonderful opportunity we had this summer to film Chris and Dana's wedding. You could not ask for a more perfect day in the Hudson Valley. We had never previously had the opportunity to work at this sensational wedding venue, and now, we can't wait to go back. Dana and Chris planned the ultimate party, that I am sure their friends and family will never forget

Movin' on up to the East Side

Headed out to the Hamptons in early September to film the wedding of Aviva and Yoni, and what a day we had ! The trip out there, as well as the early part of the day was rain soaked with the last bits of a hurricane heading up the coast, but by the time the day really got going, the storms moved out, the sunshine moved in, and wow, did thing go off without a hitch! The sunlight was stunning, with a couple just so happy to be be getting married, you couldn't ask for anymore. Filmed at the beautiful West Hampton Bath and Tennis Club.