Heavenly sunsets...beautiful celebrations

We can't explain how much fun it is to have the honor to work with beautiful couples, and shoot at locations like the breathtaking Bonnet Island Estate. Often couples book us a year in advance, which is a long time for the anticipation of what your wedding day will ultimately be. It is so exciting when that day finally comes, and things work out so perfectly, just like many brides dream of since they were little kids. When we first spoke with Adam and Jaimie, quite some time ago, you could just see and hear the excitement they had for their upcoming wedding. When the day finally came, it was everything we all expected, and more. We were also treated with one of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see.

MDS Floral

Photography by:
Vanessa Joy

Reception Entertainment:
LA Starz

Hair and Makeup:
Taffeta Designs

Well traveled young couples......

The summer has been so crazy busy, that we haven't had the time to update or blog in a couple months. We did want to break away from our blogging silence to highlight a couple recent weddings, and couples that have traveled a LONG way to celebrate with family and friends here in the beautiful New Jersey summer heat ! Not only that, we were honored to be chosen as their cinematographers for their big days, and we could not be happier.

The first couple is Geoff and Courtney, who came in all the way from Hawaii, to party at the stunning Peppadew Fresh Vineyards. They brought their Hawaiian flavor and lifestyle here to the east coast, for one of the most unique weddings. What a great party with a beautiful family!

The second couple came from the opposite direction.....Barcelona, Spain. It had been a few years since we had been to the Pleasantdale Chateau, but once we got there, we quickly remembered how much fun it is to shoot there. Add to it an insane party, a beautiful ceremony, and the nicest couple you could ever meet, and what we end up with will be a beautiful film for the ages. In the meantime, you can watch their trailer below

The Summer Starts at The Park Savoy !

The Park Savoy Estate has quickly become one of our favorite locations to film our weddings. Any direction we point our cameras, there are beautiful images to be seen. Add a beautiful couple like Danielle and Michael, and the end result is stunning. From the start of the day, right up until the last dance, all Danielle and Michael did was smile, and it was infectious. The party was nothing but pure fun, despite temperatures over 95 degrees. What a way to head into the summer !

Bonnet Island, April 17, 2015

The weekend of April 17 is pretty much the start of our full wedding season, having an event every single weekend from now, until about Thanksgiving. What started off as a rainy, overcast day at Bonnet Island Estate, turned into one of the most beautiful days, weather wise, as well as the wedding itself. The wedding of Asheley and Tommy Rockwell was so much fun, and the footage looks stunning, as one would expect from a location such as Bonnet. Thought we would put up a quick shot from the day, while we put together the teaser trailer, and wait for the couple to get back from their honeymoon in Bali. Must be nice.....did I mention we are always open to doing honeymoon films too?. ;)

New toys for the new season

While we have been using the Steadicam for years, this wedding season, we have swapped our steady-cam set-ups for the new 3-axis gimbals. These tools have become much more affordable, give us better results, and are much easier to use in the fast paced, hectic environment of a wedding day. In case you are not familiar with a Stedicam, it is a piece of equipment that we can mount our cameras on, which gives us the ability to walk and "Fly" with the camera in a very smooth motion. While there will always be case uses for a full steady cam, these gimbals are much smaller, and quicker to setup, which will help us use them more often during the shoot day. Below is an example of the types of shots that can be accomplished. While this is an extreme case, in that you normally do not do these extended length shots, you can get an idea of the creative ways that we can use these new tools in the future.