Well traveled young couples......

The summer has been so crazy busy, that we haven't had the time to update or blog in a couple months. We did want to break away from our blogging silence to highlight a couple recent weddings, and couples that have traveled a LONG way to celebrate with family and friends here in the beautiful New Jersey summer heat ! Not only that, we were honored to be chosen as their cinematographers for their big days, and we could not be happier.

The first couple is Geoff and Courtney, who came in all the way from Hawaii, to party at the stunning Peppadew Fresh Vineyards. They brought their Hawaiian flavor and lifestyle here to the east coast, for one of the most unique weddings. What a great party with a beautiful family!

The second couple came from the opposite direction.....Barcelona, Spain. It had been a few years since we had been to the Pleasantdale Chateau, but once we got there, we quickly remembered how much fun it is to shoot there. Add to it an insane party, a beautiful ceremony, and the nicest couple you could ever meet, and what we end up with will be a beautiful film for the ages. In the meantime, you can watch their trailer below