New toys for the new season

While we have been using the Steadicam for years, this wedding season, we have swapped our steady-cam set-ups for the new 3-axis gimbals. These tools have become much more affordable, give us better results, and are much easier to use in the fast paced, hectic environment of a wedding day. In case you are not familiar with a Stedicam, it is a piece of equipment that we can mount our cameras on, which gives us the ability to walk and "Fly" with the camera in a very smooth motion. While there will always be case uses for a full steady cam, these gimbals are much smaller, and quicker to setup, which will help us use them more often during the shoot day. Below is an example of the types of shots that can be accomplished. While this is an extreme case, in that you normally do not do these extended length shots, you can get an idea of the creative ways that we can use these new tools in the future.