Now coming to you in 4K Ultra High-Definition

One of the benefits of being a smaller company is that we get to make quicker decisions on major changes to the way that we work. Rather than keeping up with the technology, we actually like to stay ahead. Back in the day, we were one of the first Event Video companies offering DVDs (Yes, we have been around that long), then we also made the move to High-Definition films 2 full years before it was somewhat commonplace in the Wedding Video arena. Now in 2015, we are doing it we are now offering the ability to have your wedding filmed AND delivered in 4K Ultra High-Definition !!!

What is 4K, and what does it mean to you ? 4K is simply some technical jargon to describe the new upgraded version of the High Definition your current TV displays. The are approximately 4 times the amount of "pixels" in a UHD (Ultra High Def, or 4K) than your current TV, which means the picture is 4X as sharp. Here is a diagram that  may help you picture it a bit better :

Believe it or not, there were UHD TVs available at Costco and Best Buy this holiday season, for under $1000. This is not up and coming tech, it is here already. By Christmas 2015, it is going to be almost commonplace, as the odds are your next TV will be UHD, whether you know it or not. Hollywood Films in your local movie theater are brought to you in UHD, and now our films can be also.

Because of the extra costs currently involved in capturing, editing, storing, and delivering 4K content is still slightly high, there is an upcharge if you want your wedding to be filmed and delivered in 4K. As always, we like to keep our prices as low as possible, so we are working to a point where all packages are automatically 4K, but we are not there yet. In the meantime, we are going to keep the costs as low as humanly possible, so you can future proof your wedding film, and get the best quality that technology currently allows.